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Interstate Adjusters S.A., Inc.
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Interstate Adjusters is the ONLY San Antonio based agency which provides you with a $5,000,000 broad form insurance coverage for each repossession! In a nut shell, this insurance policy offers you "malpractice" insurance covering all facets of the recovery process, including possible wrongful repossession litigation.

Here's what Buck Young, President of Mid State Insurance Agency, says: "...there are many sound reasons to do business with Interstate, but from my perspective, protecting your institution in these litigation crazed times is paramount."

Additionally, we are the ONLY agency in San Antonio who has qualified for and been admitted to all three national collateral recovery associations; National Finance Adjusters (NFA), Time Finance Adjusters (TFA), and American Recovery Association (ARA). This means triple bond protection totaling $7,000,000 for YOU!

Interstate Adjusters is recognized as a Certified Collateral Recovery Specialist (CCRS), by the Society of Certified Recovery Specialists (SCRS). At the request of major national lenders, the Society was formed to administer the recovery industry and recognize higher levels of achievements by professional members. Interstate's adjusters have all achieved this highest level of professionalism and are regarded as the best in representing YOUR interests.

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