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Successful liquidations result from experienced professionals.

Interstate Liquidation Services has just such a team of professionals. From experience, they know how to get you more liquidation dollars on the average sale than anywhere else, including the auctions! They have decades of retail and sales management experience. Their sole responsibility is to maximize the money YOU obtain for your company's collateral and minimize any potential losses.

Our insurance provides coverage of all storage, sales situations and transportation. In addition, our membership with TFA, NFA and ARA provides you with $3,000,000 in bonding which protects your funds in the sales transaction.

Our prime corner location, easy entry and traffic light facilitates dozens of daily interested retail buyers. Many of our clients regularly refer their customers, family and friends to our location.

Interstate guarantees certified funds, expressed to your company, within 48 hours of your acceptance of the bid and our receipt of the title.

We secure and document all retail and wholesale bids. The top three bids, with bidder comments, are submitted in written form for your consideration. Upon acceptance of the highest bid, we'll handle all the title work; no more hassles for you!

Economical and trusted repair services can be provided, if needed. Occasionally, a $21 oil and lube job can be a major benefit due to obvious misuse and neglect. A $45 dollar advertisement in the auto trader (includes pictures) is consistently the best "bang" for the advertising dollar. Additionally, a $65 detail and clean-up provides the most dramatic return on investment. You can trust us to make the appropriate suggestions to enhance the bottom dollar you receive.

Our liquidation services affords YOU less transportation exposure, fewer potential break downs, no hassle title work and fewer people to deal with. A vast majority of our clients find this an efficient one-stop, out-sourcing service. COST Most importantly, only to our regular repossession clients do we offer this service at no additional charge, percentage or sales fee.

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